Dear all,


We have no safe place in this planet. Chaos is all over; crimes, terrorist attacks, international rifts, wars and gun attacks are almost everywhere. No country is left to be declared as a safe place for peaceful person.Terrorism

Most of us are not in favor of such activities but, unlike the ideal scenerio, generally no common person is asked before starting all this for they won’t allow. Just some ideas emerge from a radical mind which then starts. At massive level compaigns are generally being relayed to make the minds of common people. While fundamentalists are also there to aggravate and agitate the people to do such crimes. These negative people are Continue reading “WHERE SHOULD WE GO;..”



Inner2We, humans, are exploring the new world, approaching new galaxies and solving the secrets of a black hole. But what about our inner world that needs to be searched, solved and conquered yet. Most of the people may have a question, what inner world I am telling about. According to many, we know ourselves. We are aware of our desires and thoughts. We are living according to our will. That is the only reality and there is no inner world other than that. Somehow they are right, as many of us listening to our inner voice and acting accordingly. But still many of us are restricted to compromises.

Inner6What will happen if we listen to ourselves and not others? Are we living satisfied after so many compromises? So why not to do that suits us. I believe, life will be free of regrets if we live according to our will. All rights and wrongs are within us, we are always conscious when doing good or bad. Our inner forbids us to do wrong and provokes us to live a good life.


Inner4Now a question arises, from where this all negativity comes from, in our society? Why there is so many evil thinking around us? It is because we humans are being often manipulated by some selfish and greedy minds. Firstly we start bad things as fun and afterward become keen on them. Then there is opportunist to take a control of others. Such people read the thinking of simple and raw minds; then they deceived them by showing the glitter of influenced, lavish life and afterlife. They have also many different ways to convince simple people; they can even blackmail. Normally, less educated minds are their aims that could be misleading easily.

InnerThe thing that stops us to listen to our inner voice is some traditions that were followed by our forefathers just because of ignorance and we are still sticking to them.  We have a tradition that son of politician will be a politician, the businessman will produce a businessman and a banker will approach for a job in bank for his/her children. We, humans, are different to each other and so that our thinking. There are many examples exists that such forceful profession often leads to disappointment to both employee and employer. Children of many successful businessmen drowned their assets in days, star child is often not much doing well in films and so on.

Inner1We need a change, and to provide new ways to flourish our children and it is never too late to listen to yourselves also. No matter how old you are, still you can enjoy your life. Keep convincing others for the change in your life, a time will come that all your loving ones will agree with you and live the life as you are living.  As a responsible citizen, we know our boundaries of society and law and we could be an example to others.