Hello all,
Festivals are meant to give pleasure to people. They are not the only source of enjoyment but also make a positive image of a nation. They also promote culture, food, and traditions of the natives. In modern days, festivals have also become a source of business promotion either it is on a town level or at an International exhibition.

I opened my eye to Lahore city where “Basant” was one of the most popular festivals of the spring season. “Basant” is a festival which has been celebrated in the Sub Continent, especially Punjab for long. It was celebrated to welcome the lively spring which brings back life to nature. This time, when the blowing breeze blooms with the fragrance of flowers, there are colors spread everywhere on the ground. Young hearts would warm up and want to color the sky as well.

The festivity came with the tradition to invite relatives and friends over and to prepare delicious foods all day long. In 90’s, it changed into a day and night festival. Almost all the rooftops were flooded with lights and sound of music. Bar-B-Q was prepared and served all the night. After some time, women started to take part and made it more glamorous. Girls with yellow and orange theme in their dresses could be seen singing, hooting and encouraging their teams. This attracted multinational companies and they took it at a level higher. I just can say that it was the most amusing and much-awaited festival for not only Lahoris but people from all over Pakistan and from abroad, loved to come and enjoy it.

When I grew up, it was a game mostly for men and youngsters. They would prepare themselves a month before and collect the best threads and kites. There were masters and gurus having tips for materials and tact for the game. People would have even cut their fingers due to threads but who cares. It was not only a day but it prolonged even after four to five months until it started raining in August.

Well, there are some pros and cons of everything. Unfortunately, some new money destroyed the actual festival and used prohibited and restricted thread that took the lives of many innocent people. This game which once used to be the inauguration of the color and beauty of spring became a bloody sport. The sportsman spirit vanished and fear of being defeated prevailed. Motorcyclists became the main victims and paid with their lives. People protested against this destruction and finally, Government banned this most amusing festival. In Pakistan, where people are already fighting against terrorism, another opportunity to celebrate had vanished.

According to me, some positive measures should be taken for the revival of “Basant”. Action should be taken against culprits instead of banning the festival. First of all, some areas shall be allocated in different parts of the city for a celebration like parks or vast fields out of the city. Secondly, proper code and conducts and strict compliance from the public is necessary. This will obviously let our people enjoy this game safe and sound.  It is simple. Once, we were not even used to with car seat belts but the strictness and compliance of government machinery brought us to the stage when most of us are now habitual to it.
I am also looking forward to your suggestions for a safer and pleasurable “Basant”.


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Hello all,

8th March, the “Women’s Day”, a day to remember the continuous struggle of this gender for their rights. The world is celebrating the day to salute and admit the worth they have. This day is being celebrated since 1914 on 8th March. We must not only celebrate the day as a formality but we need to admit the importance of them in every field of life. They are kind as a mother, guide as a teacher, friend as a sister, partner as a housewife and dedicated as a co-worker and so on. They ruled, played, served, conquered, entertain and succeeded in all the ways of life but never been appreciated as they deserved. It took them a long time for winning recognition. Give this attitude an end and state a new way of equality and appreciation.
Being a father of two loving girls and a naughty boy, I feel proud and blessed. I always tried to provide the equal share of life to my daughters but when we talk about the system, this equality is rare. Girls do not have the equal opportunities. First, I want to discuss the education system where the number of schools and colleges are less than the requirement. On the other hand, education is getting expensive. Then what about the most number of girls having not much means of income. These are the girls who will contribute as a future mother and up bring the next generation. The government, of course, is doing many projects for girl’s education but still, it is out of the reach of a poor girl to fulfill her dreams. Then how can this problem be resolved? Education is major and basic need of time and we should come forward with new ideas to solve this social problem. It is mostly recommended and a good idea is to contribute individually to you and help the needy. As well as, doing charity and supporting the already existing programs for women empowerment and awareness.
Secondly, according to me, transportation is also a major problem for women. We can observe a limited space in public transports and people have also not accepted women as a driver of a car or a scooty. The scooty riders are always targeted and bullied by the students and youngsters. Nowadays, in such rush scooty is a blessing for women to reach their school, college or workplace. We still assume women as lesser and careless as the driver. Many jokes are around in social media for fun at women drivers. Well, it is a humiliating behavior to portray their small mistakes as a crime. I think, sometimes, they have been shaky due to overall behaviors. If we trust them and buck them up, they will show a good result. I personally witnessed many women drivers who are even more expert than men.

When we talking about women, how can we forget those who have been exploited by our society? In the name of honor, they have been slaughtered and made Vanni. In the name of so-called love, they are being revenged by throwing acid on their faces, leaving them into utter agony, anguish and despair for life. Only one in a million of these victims receives rehabilitation to survive and manage the way somehow. Many are still struggling all alone in absence of dowry and there is no end to the sufferings of the women, especially in the third world.
I conclude as we should not only celebrate this as a day but make it a milestone of revolution. I suggest that we need to incorporate respect and appreciation for every woman in our children. So that in the future we can have a safer and progressive world for our mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters, who are equally valuable to keep the equilibrium of this world.
Hoping for a change.
 Best regards.



Cricket is back and I have no option to express it.

Hello all,

Finally, some cricket in Lahore, the most awaited event is going to be held by tomorrow in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore at 8.00 p.m PST right after the cheerful closing ceremony. People from all walks of the life are looking forward to participating. Media was busy to broadcast the thrill of cricket lovers who didn’t back off while standing in the long queues even in the sun. They were waiting for their turns anxiously because the Awami(economical) tickets were limited in number. At times, they would sing songs to pass their time cheerfully and on the other times, they would quarrel with each other to get an early chance for achievement. But no hard feelings, it is our passion and we can avoid such petty things.
People having the cricket Junoon can understand the anticipation of these die-hard cricket fans. Since cricket in Pakistan is not merely a sport but it is more of a passion and a food for souls. People who don’t even have enough resources are also going to witness this most awaited event. An example is the street sellers who have limited resources but purchased a ticket and going to enjoy it.
The Government and administration seem equally excited. The roads and routes towards Gaddafi Stadium have been decorated with banners, flowers, and colorful floats. Welcome banners can also be seen to cheer the foreign players. This is also thanks to them to come and let us enjoy the most awaited moment. The city is blooming in two springs; one that nature brought, second that the PSL and no doubt our Government did a role in it.
Actually, though, there is a lot of risks, the Government is doing an awesome job providing foolproof security measures. The spectators won’t be let in the stadium without a biometric verification. According to sources two security helicopters will also be hovering over the city. People are excited and satisfied with all the measures except for a few. Obviously, alternate routes will be jammed due to a huge downpour of traffic and will be blocked throughout the day.
What so ever, we will enjoy and welcome this gala with open hearts. We Pakistani’s are all up for festivity and positivity no matter what comes in our way. Also, we hope and pray for the success of this event safely.
I personally hope that this event would project a good, warm and soft image of Pakistan; a country of hearty people fighting against terrorism bravely!
 With this being my first attempt, I’m looking forward to your warm response.
Best regards and hope to see u soon!