Dear all,
We should not be prejudice in humanity; whatever the situation we should come forward and help the people who are suffering any critical time. Either they are in some natural disasters or being trapped in oppression or victim of cruelty, we should help them keeping aside our liking and disliking. Help and humanity should not discriminate religion, race, language, geographic division or complexion. We are all same and humans. Our traditions, way of living or accent may be different but one thing is same and that is we are humans. We should feel the pain of others.
Minorities are main victims for inhuman practices; one vibrant example is Muslims of Mianmar (Burma). They have been slaughtered, being pulled out of the country and forced to become refugees in other countries. Good news in regard is that the issue grabbed the attention of international media after so many brutal incidents. Now it’s been expected that they be will be provided the place they deserve.  Their only crime is that they are minorities in their country.
If we are going to find the origins of people, it could be difficult to survive as in previous times different people migrated at different places. They have various reasons to leave their places and at that time there was no hurdle of visas. Where ever a skilled one is appreciated they migrated with all their families and started to live in new atmosphere. Despite of centuries of migration, natives never accepted them and behave them as an outsider. Time by time, natives tried to pull them out of their countries that is not fair.
I am not favoring a community or religion; it is the serious matter for minorities. This problem in not limited to minorities but immigrants are also suffering in many societies even in modern times. Immigrants are also being treated as aliens in society. No doubt they are different in culture but they must also be given time to mold themselves according to the changing environment. Some people may be rigid to accept changes. They need to be educated and trained in new atmosphere. Illegal immigrants are not my subject they should not be accepted as it has become a threat for nations.
There are only few countries that are excellent to accept new talent and new cultures. They have so adaptable that everyone is trying to become a part of that culture. People love to serve in these countries at any cost. There are also problems and issues but they are ready to resolve them with good command and tolerance. Nations must be open hearted to accept others in their societies.
We should change our minds in this regard. Minorities must be allowed to live according to their trends. We should also respect their believing. They must not be forced to convert or migrate again. Let them feel as it is their homeland and they are not different. Our new world order should be humanity and not cruelty.
Best regards.


Dear all,
Weather is changing globally due to global warming. We should be ready for natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, sea storms, ice storms, floods etc. Many countries are facing this situation in worse ever form. Some of them are developed countries, but they know that it is better to wait for it patiently and let it pass. They are already equipped to deal such disasters but sometimes all preparation seems not enough. Actually, these are unstoppable and we are helpless against them. We are now able to predict some of them but could not judge the consequences. It is just on estimations and forecasts.
Being a civilized person, we can do in such situation is just to be vigilant and get appropriate training to face these natural disasters. I admire the role of telecommunication and internet in this regards that they are flooding the information for precautions and security measures to meet this situation. We should carefully listen and understand the steps for security and also train our children. Awareness is the key to handle such circumstances. It also relief rescue teams in crucial times.
I followed all the CNN transmission regarding “Irma” that was remarkable. All people were alert and abiding by the rules. But I disappointed to see a few people wandering and enjoying at beach with their kids and pets. It was high alert at that time but “who cares”. They were capturing the view in their eyes and camera just to upload a image or video on social sites. Police had arrested many for violation but we should also keep in mind that police and other rescue teams were deputed to help the victims. It is a waste of time and resources to engage them in such activities. Also it was not a picnic time and hurricanes and tornados do not spare anybody.
If someone is willing to help other and also want to come out at this time; a proper training should be the foremost priority for them. This training should be according to you geographical situations. In normal days, enlist yourself in rescue platforms. They will definitely call you to join them in such noble efforts. Help others and enjoy for being human. At least, we can do something for ourselves, family and neighbors.

Being human, we always stand after being hurt or damaged. It is human spirit that helps to fight against natural disasters. We are all in one string of humanity; people from world are always standing with victims of all natural disasters. Whenever an earthquake hit in developed country, all countries on globe and their people came ahead and contributed for reconstruction. Help is not limited with finance, we can show the whole world a gesture of being together in all calamity. We can share their grievances. This is the least we can do for others. Long live humanity.
Best regards.


Dear all,
Right from our childhood we love to show and share our personal belonging to our elders, friends and teachers. This gesture of sharing is natural and mostly a growing kid wants to impress others with one’s property. This habit grows up with all of us and we often control it in order to make our privacy. But many could not control this thing and situation aggravates in many cases.
Often, we find many examples in our society that people want to show their social status to others. For this they impress others with their branded dress, accessories and ride; it describes their background and seems accurate when moving in same circle. But they are loud if moving in mediocre. Many of them obviously afford all this but there are also such examples who disguise themselves for any benefit or to deceive others.
Such differences and mismatches are often called show off culture. Some people feel an inner satisfaction where they can tread over others. They try to generate inferiority complex in them and feel proud. They promote personal belongings as they are reachable to all classes and there is nothing abnormal. People influenced with this entire situation and it does not end here. It starts an endless race where mediocre or lower medium standard people also try to purchase such trendy and expensive things. Few of them do not care for right or wrong and want to achieve it all by hooks or crooks.
Another positive example is where people want to show their expertise to others, so that they can be appreciated for their gifted talent. It is a natural way of expression and all noble societies love to buck up such skilled people. It also opens the new ways to promote such talent. Sometimes these brilliant minds grab opportunity to monetize their skills.
These days, social media is full of such examples where one tried and being appreciated afterwards. Now, there is also a category of show offs, who know nothing but try to copy others and tag it at as their original work. Either it is a content, life hack or DIY, all being copied many times and all of them are not giving credit to actual master mind. Copying anybody is not bad but for courtesy sake we should tag the credit to originated person. This attitude will be much appreciated and increase your credit and viewers in serious community, I bet.
I know these habits are hard to catch but one should try not to opt it. “Nip the evil in bud” we are our judge, our inner always pinches us on such nasty things but we often ignore it. Try to listen yourself and get rid of it in early age. If you delay, it will strengthen within you. Being show off is apparently seems not much dangerous but it impacts a lot. Silently but aggressively it changes the structure of society and keeps the morality aside.
I have all this, if you have any suggestion, let me have the feedback. Your every word means a lot.
Best regards.


Dear all,
Time is money; it is a resource, if spent wisely, is sure to be a key to success. Time is the most precious thing in our life that nobody can afford to waste at any cost. People know it very well but many times just for fun or being habitual, we waste it a lot. Many of us are fond of this activity. They rarely care about it. We are different in nature and habits and so are our behaviors towards our society.
Many of us waste our time by criticizing others just for nothing. They want everything according to their views and will. Any difference in opinion or way of living can offend them very easily. They are a kind of expressive people but waste their skills in wrong direction. Another type of people is who cannot mold themselves according to the changes of life. They stick to traditional things and do not want a change. Such people forbid others to change their lives. Traditions are also very important but we can mold them according to the time and atmosphere.
Most common example of waste of time in our society is the people who study in good institutions and try to find good opportunities for their practical life. Some get rapidly but many fail to do so. Now there are also two kinds in these left behinds. One type is that struggle in different way or accept a medium standard chance for best utilization of time and wait for a good chance, while others do not compromise at any cost. They waste a lot of time by waiting an appropriate chance. Though some of them also achieve their goals but they waste a lot of time.
Actually, my point is that this precious time will never come back so one should utilize it in a positive way. Some other activities like sharing of knowledge are a best solution. We can share online, to help others. We can also utilize our free time by helping others without pay. This will increase our practical knowledge. If you are aiming some job, get additional professional training from institutions. This will help you in the long run and best use of the time.
One should play a constructive part of the society; you should be active and progressive in your fields. In civilized society, people know their duties. They also know to utilize their free time in a optimistic way. When we describe the duties of a civilized person, these are awareness of law and limitation of society. Knowledge of duties and rights is also important. Apart from our financial activities, we should also active in all rights and wrongs of our


Hobbies are very useful to spend our free time; it gives self satisfaction and pleasure. Different activities like games, music, art etc are ways to express ones inner thoughts. Even watching T.V or movies for leisure and information is also a good activity for a little time. These activities could also be beneficial and help us to increase our income in free time. People share their views at social media and getting reward in cash.
Once again, we know the fact that if the time once passed never comes back. So, we should not waste it. We should consume it in a productive way. We have our priorities in our life and can decide which activity is good for us. No outsider can advise you, you are the best judge for yourself. Just decide and go for it, if you are the one who wasted some of your time, do not regret and change your life good and useful for you and others.
Best regards.


Hello all,

Change is a necessary element of our life; it has a vital affect on seasons, people, days and nights. Many people are revolutionary in nature and innovative in their lives. These type of persons love to change themselves in a perfect way. This urge of change and perfectionism is the key to success and lead us to the way of self grooming. These words like self grooming, revolution, ambition etc are undoubtedly big ones to say but when we bring them to our lives, they need not many efforts from a willing person.
Introduction of world to a new born baby is the people, their behaviors, atmosphere and surroundings.  Sometimes these things and atmosphere is good, many time bad and a few time awesome. We absorb our atmosphere in us and show our actions being manipulated with these surroundings. These are afterwards called our habits; apart from fact that these are good or bad.
After passing a little time in this, many of us go to school, high school, colleges and universities. These institutions and company of friends also influence us in various ways. This age is the second stage of learning. We grab much useful knowledge in this age. People from different backgrounds show the versatility of life to a learning kid. Friendship gives new meaning to recognize the personalities of others.
At the age of maturity or in practical life, everyone has a clear vision of self awareness. We almost know about our capabilities and can groom ourselves in a specific field. This stage is very important where we have to choose and decide a field for our entire life. Some get success easily and many have to struggle throughout their lives. There is one more category that at firstly choose the wrong way but upon realizing the mistake, jump into their loving place and live happily ever after.
Life is not easy for all, many people face difficulties in their lives. This is the time when we need to groom ourselves for new challenges. Many of us are misfit in our professions or jobs. For example a person love to sing but dragged to a 9 to 5 job. We can observe such situations with different styles in everyday life.  Now what can we do? No problem at all. Nothing is impossible. Do not leave the field, no need to show it your back. A true one is always judged in crisis. Make yourself as right choice; mold yourself according to atmosphere. Take it as a challenge; groom yourself by studying related literature or ask a senior for help. Once we overcome the situation we can easily keep along our hobbies.
Grooming is something that is related to success only, no matter what you are doing. It is a bossy job or a repair work. When we enjoy our work and try to improve it; it will definitely pay back in shape of appreciation and success. One more thing is necessary is steadiness; a constant struggle is a key of success. Self grooming needs no institutions or study; one can also groom itself by through observation. People and society is also a huge institution to learn.
Self grooming is not limited in subject; studies and learning is not all. By grooming ourselves we portray our personality, skills, attitude, potential etc. Change of dressing is also a part of it; we should match to our atmosphere. A serious job require serious and formal dressing and behaviour. Looks also matter in presenting yourselves. A little touch up changes the entire personality. We should also move towards latest trends and styles. This little changes keep your mind fresh ans active.
Although, there are an example of rigid people who think they are good in all way. They rarely want to change their lives and bind themselves to their so called principles. If we see some kind of success in such person, that is absolutely luck and nothing else. Most of them are not favorite one to any. Man is a social animal and mostly socializing at social media these days. Now, fact is that head counts at friend list and likes matter a lot. Only adaptable people achieve the friendship of many. So, we need to change and groom ourselves according to the time and atmosphere.
Always try to do good for others and do not think for rewards or appreciations, a true happiness is a reward, a true friendship is a reward and a good change is a reward. Groom yourself and feel happiness in your life.

Best regards.


Back to school once again, OMG, summer is almost finished once again. All day fun is over and it is the time to schedule up the routines of your children. I think it seems difficult but it is really a fun job to turn back to old practices.  It is not new to us, all we need to make our mind before time. First make your mind and then your little ones’. I know that is a tricky one but do not worry. After all we are parents and know how to bring them back. Following is parents guide to ease your life.
Prepare a list to do.
  • ·         Make a proper change to your routines.
  • ·         No late night shows, turn the T.V off like a good one.
  • ·         Get up early and help your kids to adapt this healthy habit.
  • ·         Leave for work a bit early and increase it gradually until it matches to kid’s school timings.

Now you are ready for kids, start following for juniors.
  • ·         On the top, stream ups their naptime. During the vacation kids do not follow tight schedules and we love to watch sleeping them late hours in the morning (You know that is also a fun time for moms). Now, you need to decrease their nap time, gradually. Do not push them forcefully, just make some fun activities to follow like morning walk and play times etc.

  • ·         Ask them for funny and memorable things they‘ve done during summer vacations. Give them a queue to narrate and let them write or share with their friends and teachers at social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • ·       Remind them the coolest moment of last session and the care they get from their teachers.

  • ·        Also ring a bell of previous fun-fair and cheerful time they spent there.

  • ·    Give them an idea to make something creative and beautiful for their classroom. This will engage their interest towards new session.

  • ·       Invite their closest ones’ to come and visit just to boost both kids.

  • ·         Get them to mart with a shopping list. New things are always motivating.

Guideline for teenagers
  • ·         All they need new and trendy things.
  • ·         Be friendly with them
  • ·         Try to discuss with them on various things that magnetize them.

Actually, I have not much for them as they are already good to decide. They have their plans and schedules with their group. They do not need a push; they are fully prepared. So, no worries, just concentrate on juniors.


Dear all,
Donating something for someone’s betterment is a noble cause and much significant action. Only kind hearted people can do the same to prove oneself a true human being. Donations are not restricted in shape of cash or moveable properties but people sacrifice their body organs for others treatments. There are many examples when a person declares a will to donate its body parts like eyes, kidneys, heart, liver etc to various needy patients. Due to latest research and technology it becomes very easy for surgeons to transplant the said organs to donees.
When we talk about kidney donation, we observe that most of times, it is preferred that donor should be a close relative. A close one may avoid many complications in kidney transplant. On the other hand, if donor is an outsider then it takes a lot of checks before the procedure. Blood and tissue match is a common term and there are many more for precautions. But the both ways are popular for this procedure. 
Kidney donation, like others donations is also a noble cause to save someone’s life. According to WHO, 91 countries are carrying out kidney transplant; people are commendable who donate it to others. No need to mention that we humans have mostly two kidneys and one healthy person can survive with one kidney.9th March is globaly decrared as World Kidney Day in order to keep the people aware of its importance, care and donation.
But everything has pro and cons; we observe many greedy and insincere people who prefer to collect the money under the shadow of this donation. Actualy they are traders and trading of human organs is illegal. They attract poor and needy people for little incentives and provoke them to sell their kidney at a low price. They pretend that they are doing it all for a noble cause but making a huge profit by selling it a high cost. There are many needy ones who are ready to offer any amount to save one’s life.
In south Asia, one can easily find a donor for kidney in affordable price. There are many people who are living a miserable life and ready to sell themselves in the price of some necessities. Due to instable economic situations and unjustified division of resources, such lower middle class is increasing day by day. There is nobody to look after them for their needs and they are often engaged in illegal activities. We have very clear examples of many villages where people opt this and sell their kidneys, now there is no one left with two kidney except new born.  This activity is although illegal but still running very successfully. Well offs have no hurdle to fulfill their requirements through this systems. There are many authentic and unauthentic doctors available who perform this procedure in private places.
There is another scenario, where we observe the increasing rate of kidnapping. Criminal are kidnapping the people and selling their body parts to various areas of world. In past few months, newspapers were full of such incidents where bodies were found without organs in many countries of South Asia. Their main cause is to sell the kidneys as it is a profitable business for them. They have no concern that the person they are selling in parts is a loved one to someone. These insensible people are not only illiterate persons from crime world but there are many respectable names of doctors also associated in this dirty and inhuman job. 
According to Human Organs Transplantation Act of 1994, the trade of human organs is ban. Officials have constituted and implemented many rules and regulations to stop this nasty work and held many violators behind bars. This is not enough, people handling this syndicate should be accused not the puppets.

Best regards.