Hello all,
Frustration was once known as anxiety and found in disturbed people only. Those who suffered with it were treated sympathetically by normal people. These days it becomes a routine in life of many around the world.  Though people living in developed countries face less of it but still it is there with different shapes. There is a global reason of uncertainty and disturbance between countries. Global warming, race of nuclear power and Socio-economical conditions are also one of the reasons.
These big words were once meant to think tanks and superior head of countries but now media shares each and every news of the world to public. The positive aspect of this is “awareness” i.e. requirement of the time. But the negative impact is, sometimes a little incident affects a lot to a common person.  For example, if there is a planning of coup to some country and there is severe rift between them. In this situation a soft hearted people obviously take it very seriously. The reason behind it that we have seen so many wars and their destructions and a normal person is not in favor of any more. This is all power and number game and nothing else. Such disturbing news raises the frustration and anxiety all over.
Natural disasters, oppression towards humanity and discriminations are also a part of our daily news. There are rift of unfair distribution of boundaries, people are having financial crisis and cruelty is at the peak. Innocent people are being murdered in café, educational institutions, worship  and at other public places. Selfish people are not limited to one place they spread their feet all over the world. No country is safe. Developed countries have power and they deal with all but people of developing countries are facing terrorism, target killing, uncertainty and financial crisis in their vicinity. This is also supporting frustration.
Population, pollution and poor economic situation are also affecting people in many developing countries. People are moving to urban areas for better financial chances. This situation is very alarming in the cities of such third world countries. It affects a lot where people are more and state resources are not enough to manage them all. In such circumstances, first of all, traffic is becoming a mess. We are witnessing a daily traffic jam even in side roads. Long queues are and noise pollution is a routine that increasing stress in people.  Earning opportunities are also less as compare to population.  This environment is affecting in a way where crimes are increasing and creating more emotional frustration in young generation.
In developed countries, life is busy and everyone has time handling problems in daily routine. People try to resolve their problems by putting their responsibilities to various service vendors. Latest technologies lead us away from our loved ones; mobile and internet (social media) is a necessity but people waste a lot of time apart from their job.  We have day to night entertainments that weakens the binding between families. This environment allows selfish people to attract and mislead the new generation by leading them towards bad practices.
At family level, people are away from each others; they love to meet the persons those are only favorable to them.  Sometimes we ignore our loved ones in the race of success and achievements. This ignorance is also making our young generation frustrated, illusionist and day dreamers. It is not a healthy thing for a growing kid. We should pay attention to our children in a way to develop their personality. Improving living style is not limited to good food, standard schools, brands and luxury vacations. Personality is something that makes a person good or bad in a society. No matter in what situation we are living we can educate our children to be a good citizen.


In my view, a change at family level is more effective to build a sensible society. Organize your each day in a suitable routine; wake up early, spare a little for exercise, do yoga or meditation. Keep an eye on your diet plans, think positive and do not interfere in others lives. A little prayer according to your believe is also a wonderful idea for the purity of soul and mind. Of course, we all are not having equal opportunities in our lives but one thing is free of cost, i.e. positivity. This will keep you away from worries and frustration. We should not see others to change but take a start at yourself, be a role model and do care about kids as they are the future of human beings.
Best regards.


Hello all,
Technology is everywhere and we are blessed to be the part of this modern age. This is not the end and there are vast opportunities ahead. Machines and equipments make our life easy. We can approach to anybody around the world within seconds. Powerful machines are ready to solve our all problems. 3 D printers are helping to build from small instruments to sky rises. Internet is there to spread information, knowledge and entertainment. Smart phones replace many types of equipment. Watches, calculator, calendar and physical trainer are required for status show off only.
In the age of growing technologies and if I not exaggerate, everything seems possible in this world. Few years back, children were bound to go outside to play soccer, cricket, base ball, badminton and tennis in large playgrounds and streets. Large boards and tables were also required for Pool ball, Luddo, Carom and table tennis. Then time changed, and games are available in smart phones and in access of all kind of people. Old people can now also participate and enjoy any game at their smart phone. If you are not familiar to rules of any games even then you can learn it at internet. Cards are also available with their magnetism.
Time is changed and so are the games. Now there is a lot of addition as compare to traditional games. Entertainment is there according to the mood; amusing, brainy, adventure, suspense and funny apps are available at digital play stores. But in recent times we observe a change that many manipulative games are also available at internet. These are promoting inhuman culture in growing minds. Fresh ones are their target to capture in this trance.
Blue whale game is one of the recent times problem that is in my view is gaining popularity. It is reported that many innocents has been targeted by it and loss their lives. According to the reports it is developed by a psycho who is being sentenced for a small period. This game has 50 levels and it challenges to dare an uneven act and final level challenge is suicide attempt. People are worried for their children. Kids in teenage want their privacy and avoid family members.
I think the situation is not beyond controls. Family bonding is the only solution to this problem. Parents and siblings are best guide to avoid such fake entertainment. Families should spare an hour in night for meeting where all members should discuss their daily routines with each other. People should not avoid sharing with the younger ones; try to elaborate the situation according to their knowledge. This sharing will bring them close to elders and they will surely discuss their routines with them. As an elder, people must watch the routines of their children. Any unusual routine will be an alarm and that should be taken care of. Children are future of mankind and most precious ones. We should build a confident and friendly atmosphere in our homes where everyone feels comfortable to share their all activities.
Games should be for entertainment, knowledge and fun; do not allow them to kill anyone. Such game developers are mentally sick and spreading their sick ideas to others. We should have a confidence to defend against such circumstances. Children and teenagers should also show a gesture of intelligence; one frustrated and psycho cannot change your minds. No need to be desperate in any situation; think positive and quit
such manipulative games at early stage. Humans should not handle with remotes in other hands. There is no psychiatric issue in it; we allow them to capture our thoughts and we have power to refuse the. Sometimes people also relates themselves with others problems and visualise themselves at someone else place. Visualisation is good to bring new ideas in life but excess of everything is bad. Many times reality is different from imaginations. If we are positive towards life, focused and mentally strong, no one can delude us.
Be positive and strong and defeat such selfish developers in any colour they are; blue or white, whale or shark. Defeat them and grab the all gold stars from your life.
Good luck and best regards.


Dear all,
Time is money; it is a resource, if spent wisely, is sure to be a key to success. Time is the most precious thing in our life that nobody can afford to waste at any cost. People know it very well but many times just for fun or being habitual, we waste it a lot. Many of us are fond of this activity. They rarely care about it. We are different in nature and habits and so are our behaviors towards our society.
Many of us waste our time by criticizing others just for nothing. They want everything according to their views and will. Any difference in opinion or way of living can offend them very easily. They are a kind of expressive people but waste their skills in wrong direction. Another type of people is who cannot mold themselves according to the changes of life. They stick to traditional things and do not want a change. Such people forbid others to change their lives. Traditions are also very important but we can mold them according to the time and atmosphere.
Most common example of waste of time in our society is the people who study in good institutions and try to find good opportunities for their practical life. Some get rapidly but many fail to do so. Now there are also two kinds in these left behinds. One type is that struggle in different way or accept a medium standard chance for best utilization of time and wait for a good chance, while others do not compromise at any cost. They waste a lot of time by waiting an appropriate chance. Though some of them also achieve their goals but they waste a lot of time.
Actually, my point is that this precious time will never come back so one should utilize it in a positive way. Some other activities like sharing of knowledge are a best solution. We can share online, to help others. We can also utilize our free time by helping others without pay. This will increase our practical knowledge. If you are aiming some job, get additional professional training from institutions. This will help you in the long run and best use of the time.
One should play a constructive part of the society; you should be active and progressive in your fields. In civilized society, people know their duties. They also know to utilize their free time in a optimistic way. When we describe the duties of a civilized person, these are awareness of law and limitation of society. Knowledge of duties and rights is also important. Apart from our financial activities, we should also active in all rights and wrongs of our


Hobbies are very useful to spend our free time; it gives self satisfaction and pleasure. Different activities like games, music, art etc are ways to express ones inner thoughts. Even watching T.V or movies for leisure and information is also a good activity for a little time. These activities could also be beneficial and help us to increase our income in free time. People share their views at social media and getting reward in cash.
Once again, we know the fact that if the time once passed never comes back. So, we should not waste it. We should consume it in a productive way. We have our priorities in our life and can decide which activity is good for us. No outsider can advise you, you are the best judge for yourself. Just decide and go for it, if you are the one who wasted some of your time, do not regret and change your life good and useful for you and others.
Best regards.