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valentines day

Dear all,

Hopefully, You are having a great day. I have no words for this great day as it is the day for love. Although love is not specific to any day it is like a diamond, forever. We should not hide our feelings and express it to our loved ones. There is only one life, and how could we waste it without expressing our emotions.

Valentine day is the day to come forward and say it out, loudly and clearly with all truth and sincerity. Remember, do not expect same from others, maybe the other one is not much expressive. So, keep the focus on your emotions, let them reach to others.

Roses, as we all know, are the best giveaways at valentine day but do not restrict yourself to it. Along with beautiful red roses, let the air pass through Continue reading “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY”


Radio is a medium that is still keeping many areas aware of world happenings and entertainment even at the remotest area of the world. It approaches the corners that still are away from the hands of modern visionary media.


Hello all,

Radio is a medium that is still keeping many areas aware of world happenings and entertainment even at the remotest area of the world. It approaches the corners that still are away from the hands of modern visionary media. Any person can access the waves in the dark shades of dense forest or under deep water. United Nations(UN) and UNESCO have announced February 13th, the “World Radio Day”.


It was an invention that pulled out the humanity from the depth of unawareness. It brought the news right from the world war zone, Continue reading “WORLD RADIO DAY”


Toleranintol3ce is not only a word, when it comes to a society it becomes a quality to inspire others. It comes from good social values and vigilant brought up. Unluckily, this quality is not much in many areas of the world. Although we are living in a “Global Village” but still we are far away from each other. One country have reservation against other, cities has differences between them, a town do not like the tradition of others even neighbors are unhappy with each other. If we talk about the traditions of villagers, they have a Continue reading “TOLERANCE – IT IS A BEHAVIOR”


Hello all,

We all have our inner world that we do not want to share with others. Few of us are open enough to share it but many love to keep it a secret. There are few things that we do just for inner satisfaction. The actions may be different but the purpose is same, self satisfaction.

Inner world exists in everyone but few of us take it seriously, many of us have thinking that it is something that is related to day dreamers or people with artistic approach. But my friends it is not the fact. We have a lot of wishes and desires crawling inside us to do the best or at least something unique. Where are they from? Even a wrestler doing tough exercises in local gym has a dream to defeat WWF champions. A lot of them struggle and achieve their goals and few of them drop their weapons against a small amount of hurdles.

We have many examples of people who changed their profession at their peak and adopted an entire different routine. There are many who left monetary benefits and started living a simple life. What motivated them? Although they were at right trail to achievement and success so what dragged them from their path? On the other hand, almost everyone is not satisfied with one’s position and wants to go higher and higher. This is all that grows within us and pinches us all the time to do for self satisfaction. It is within our consciousness and provokes us to self-fulfillment.

We are all different from each other and it is not necessary that people would divert themselves only towards piousness or right path. There are also some examples of vice versa; like greed, lust, leg pulling, bitching, back biting, anger etc. Humans are complicated but it is not my subject for today, I just want to share that we must listen to our inner voice and do some creative, right and unique.  I believe it will not only satisfy our inner soul but somewhere it motivates others to bring the best out of them. Mostly people want a role model or leader to follow; this is the time to be one.

My inner voice is to do my job in a right way; I do not want to complicate things. I am not limited to one field and whatever is my effort, I want it done in a right way. I know that humans are not perfect but yet we can try to do our best. I also love to break the rules if they are necessary to ease somebody or to avoid complications. During my jobs, I tried many time with permissions and the result was excellent. My little and different effort helped me and others. There is always room for a change so we should not ignore it. Why we have to live in set standards while there’s room to apply innovation and experiment some new. We should see the results, convince others and try to implement on factual ground. Facts are always necessary even if you are working for your dreams or for self pleasure.

Finally, do not ignore your inner voice it will deffinitely lead you to your goals. Please listen it carefully and if it is harmful to anyone, how could we live happily.  
Best regards.


Hello all,
Politics was once an interest of intellectuals, having a big reputation and many people played a leading role in it. That was the time when politicians achieved milestone decisions and repute themselves with name and honor. They also got recognized by rulers for being noble and consistent. It was an understanding that elite class having money from generation would participate in politics and other classes were far away from this interest. These great politicians not only tried a lot to set their nations free from occupied powers but also provided a platform to them with their concrete decisions.
Being a Pakistani, how can I forget the great names like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Johar brothers, Fatima Jinnah, Begum Raana Liaqat, Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar who took part in politics for a noble cause.  Worldwide personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Mao Zhe Tung, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are also role model for politics students.
Unfortunately, with the passage of time, some bad elements included in politics and made it a platform to humiliate others. It has now become an international trend for opposing parties to fight ruthlessly in parliament sessions. People even throw chairs at each other now.  Personal life is no doubt important to judge someone to represent the public but we are now getting too personal. Even families are not being spared and they have been exploited just to get one’s target.
In Pakistan, the tradition to point someone’s female relatives is one of the very old dirty tricks. People normally provoked each other by relating some shameful allegation on their women like sisters, wives etc. This has been a successful attack to let someone down and to destroy one’s reputation. At a high level, it all started when Fatima Jinnah was disgraced just to defeat her. Many other powerful women like Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Mariam Nawaz etc. were also successors to her and not spared. The reason was their popularity in public.
The situation is worsening in Pakistan; personal grudge is leading our politicians to spoil other’s personal relations. Nobody is left, although, politicians are always equipped with their weapons and counter-allegation to protect themselves it is really disgusting to abuse someone’s sister. Recently, it happened with two of our renowned politicians and one of them used abusive language for opponent’s sisters. Afterwards, the situation got complicated when the culprit apologized for his statement and then again denied in T.V. talk shows. He pleads that “the opponent tried to harm me and showed me a fist”. It is not only one incident; there are so many.
According to me and every sensible citizen, that fight was among two people within parliament corridor and it should have been sorted out within them. Whoever is guilty, it does not matter because usually there must be some cause behind this all. The point is that fighting and abusive language does not suit anybody more than ever, to public figures.  A harsh or abusive language against anyone’s family is a very shameful act and it disgraces the personalities. Especially, in South Asia where it is highly despised to hear anyone talk loosely about one’s female family members. And there are countless instances of these acts concluding into bloodstained rivalries over generations. We should learn from our descendants for being polite and noble. We can make someone realize by showing grace in our character and forgive others for their mistakes.
Etiquette has always been an important factor to make one’s repute. Especially, in this era when the world is like a global village, a little mistake can tarnish one’s image forever. And when a public figure acts this way, it projects a very dirty image of his entire nation globally.


Just hoping for a change in impatient behaviors not just in Pakistan but globally……
Best regards.



Hello all,
Festivals are meant to give pleasure to people. They are not the only source of enjoyment but also make a positive image of a nation. They also promote culture, food, and traditions of the natives. In modern days, festivals have also become a source of business promotion either it is on a town level or at an International exhibition.

I opened my eye to Lahore city where “Basant” was one of the most popular festivals of the spring season. “Basant” is a festival which has been celebrated in the Sub Continent, especially Punjab for long. It was celebrated to welcome the lively spring which brings back life to nature. This time, when the blowing breeze blooms with the fragrance of flowers, there are colors spread everywhere on the ground. Young hearts would warm up and want to color the sky as well.

The festivity came with the tradition to invite relatives and friends over and to prepare delicious foods all day long. In 90’s, it changed into a day and night festival. Almost all the rooftops were flooded with lights and sound of music. Bar-B-Q was prepared and served all the night. After some time, women started to take part and made it more glamorous. Girls with yellow and orange theme in their dresses could be seen singing, hooting and encouraging their teams. This attracted multinational companies and they took it at a level higher. I just can say that it was the most amusing and much-awaited festival for not only Lahoris but people from all over Pakistan and from abroad, loved to come and enjoy it.

When I grew up, it was a game mostly for men and youngsters. They would prepare themselves a month before and collect the best threads and kites. There were masters and gurus having tips for materials and tact for the game. People would have even cut their fingers due to threads but who cares. It was not only a day but it prolonged even after four to five months until it started raining in August.

Well, there are some pros and cons of everything. Unfortunately, some new money destroyed the actual festival and used prohibited and restricted thread that took the lives of many innocent people. This game which once used to be the inauguration of the color and beauty of spring became a bloody sport. The sportsman spirit vanished and fear of being defeated prevailed. Motorcyclists became the main victims and paid with their lives. People protested against this destruction and finally, Government banned this most amusing festival. In Pakistan, where people are already fighting against terrorism, another opportunity to celebrate had vanished.

According to me, some positive measures should be taken for the revival of “Basant”. Action should be taken against culprits instead of banning the festival. First of all, some areas shall be allocated in different parts of the city for a celebration like parks or vast fields out of the city. Secondly, proper code and conducts and strict compliance from the public is necessary. This will obviously let our people enjoy this game safe and sound.  It is simple. Once, we were not even used to with car seat belts but the strictness and compliance of government machinery brought us to the stage when most of us are now habitual to it.
I am also looking forward to your suggestions for a safer and pleasurable “Basant”.


Best regards.